Mid-Atlantic Hub

The North American Bat (NABat) Monitoring Program seeks to “create a continent-wide program to monitor bats at local to rangewide scales that will provide reliable data to promote effective conservation decision making and the long-term viability of bat populations across the continent” (Loeb et al. 2015).

The Mid-Atlantic Hub is coordinating the NABat Monitoring Program efforts within the District of Columbia, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. The mid-Atlantic Hub endeavors to develop and maintain a community of practice for bat research within the region, including facilitating NABat monitoring. We aim to bring together federal, state, private, and volunteer stakeholders to partner in NABat monitoring efforts.

Current mid-Atlantic partners

We are here to help you in your ongoing efforts. Please contact us with questions about or issues with collection, processing, and uploading data to NABat.

If you have been conducting or would like to conduct bat work within the region, we are interested in talking to you!

We are actively seeking new bat monitoring partners in the mid-Atlantic. These include partners collecting data for non-NABat projects. NABat provides long-term storage for your acoustic call files and the ability to easily generate summary reports and visualizations. Additionally, your data can contribute to long-term, large-scale population monitoring assessments that will be used by federal and state agencies.

What type of bat data is NABat interested in?

Acoustic surveys (mobile transects and stationary points), external roost counts, internal winter hibernaculum counts, and internal maternity colony counts.

I haven’t worked with bats before but would like to get involved!

Please email the Hub Coordinator.